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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite 5-stars

“The Whizbang Machine: The Whizbang Machine Series, Book 1 is a young adult mystery novel written by Danielle A. Vann. Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Yale loves her typewriter, even if it’s not as efficient and easy to use as a laptop or word processor. While she’s no stranger to tech and loves her phone, there’s a special connection that she feels to the clanging chatter and other little noises that the typewriter emits as she works, and the feel of the keys hitting her paper. She’s reluctant to leave her typing incomplete when her mother calls and tells her to come downstairs, but it is Grandpa Jack who’s coming to see them, after all. It’s been eight long years since he left, almost immediately after the sudden death of her father, Jesse. Having her grandfather desert her so soon after the loss of her dad hurt deeply, and while she’s thrilled to be seeing him again and still has the hundreds of postcards he sent her during his travels, there’s just a touch of resentment and hurt lingering from his desertion when she needed him most. But when the door opens, and she sees him standing there looking at him, she can’t help but rush into his arms.
Danielle A. Vann’s young adult mystery, The Whizbang Machine: The Whizbang Machine Series, Book 1, is an exciting and fast-paced novel that follows Elizabeth and her grandfather, Jack, as they follow the trail of clues relating to the strange typewriter he found in Morocco which bears Elizabeth’s initials on it. Along the way, they discover hidden documents, share in an amazing genealogical trip into their family’s past, and travel to Leiden in the Netherlands where it may all have begun. I loved revisiting Leiden in the Netherlands where it may all have begun. I loved revisiting the main branch of the New York Public Library with them and found the descriptions of Leiden so compelling that I searched Google for images to go along with my reading. Vann’s characters are well-defined and authentic, and I especially appreciated Elizabeth’s resilience, imagination and courage as she teams with Grandpa Jack. The plot is superb, mingling history with mystery as the two persist in following their clues, despite the dangers they come up against. While this is a relatively lengthy work, I actually found that this book ended all too soon, and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. The Whizbang Machine: The Whizbang Machine Series, Book 1 is most highly recommended.”


“Wow, what a “can’t-put-down” read! I was on the edge of my seat with book one of this amazing new series…Danielle Vann truly has a gift and readers will be captivated by the magic of “The Whizbang Machine.”  Beth Ann Stifflemire, Romance Author of “Diverted Heart” and “Fate’s Betrayal, and Children’s series “The Spectacular World of Waldorf.”

“When her grandfather Jack gifts Elizabeth Yale with an intriguing souvenir of his travels, she had no idea of the power and the heritage that it represented. Every time she touched the machine it created havoc for her and her home. Emitting a fierce “Whiz Bang”, the ancient typewriter spouted warnings of a past gone awry. She is given constant reminders of the fact that it is her responsibility to right the wrongs associated with her Dutch family roots. Are they truly members of the Yale family or is their true lineage royal? As Elizabeth and Jack embark on a quest for answers to solve the mystery, they are not prepared for the many dangers their pursuit to the small city of Linden entails, but they are propelled by the message: “The answer lies under the keys.”

The Whizbang Machine by Danielle A. Vann is an engrossing tale loosely based on the invention of the Royal typewriter. Although fiction, the story unfolds on basic foundations associated with the creation of one of the most famous typewriter factories in our history. Vann’s research on the subject is evident in her tightly woven story, and makes what I believe to be a fascinating novel for all ages. This reviewer sees the possibility of adding The Whizbang Machine to the list of young adult titles used in a classroom language arts curriculum. There is a multi-faceted accumulation of research and writing topics within this novel that any public school teacher would embrace. I really enjoyed the story, and see it as a great book for reluctant readers.” Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

“Elizabeth is a writer, a young writer, and she loves old typewriters. So what better gift to give a young author with a passion for old typewriters than an old typewriter, especially one that seems to have a mind of its own and a voice, of sorts, to speak its mind. And that’s where the mystery and the adventure begin in The Whizbang Machine by Danielle A. Vann.  Elizabeth’s grandfather, Jack, left her and her mother years ago, after her father’s (Jack’s only son) sudden death. Jack traveled the world and picked up treasures here and there, always sending postcards to his granddaughter. Suddenly, Jack reappears and Elizabeth’s life couldn’t be any more complicated. She loves her grandfather, but there’s something about the man and the old typewrite that he picked up in Morocco that spell a mystery to unravel the truth about her family’s history. And there’s a curse to go with it.

Danielle A. Vann has written a compelling story. The Whizbang Machine is full of fantasy, mystery, adventure and all that can capture a teen reader’s attention. There is an air of believability in this story, and, as the author reveals at the end, there is a history connected to the Royal typewriter, the old machine that sparked and inspired this story. Lots of action lead the plot forward with pizzazz. Even the attempts Elizabeth and Jack make to do legitimate research leave the reader breathless as the otherwise slow routine of looking through old records heats up when fire alarms go off, hasty exits must be made, and countless mysterious figures start chasing them – and all for an old typewriter with a mind of its figures start chasing them – and all for an old typewriter with a mind of its own. Interesting, and a great story.”
Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite
The Whizbang Machine fills your mind with excitement, suspense, sadness and joy. I enjoyed reading about all the adventures Elizabeth’s life encountered. It’s a book that keeps you on your toes of what will happen next. Not just Young Adults but Adults could enjoy reading this story bringing back memories of their childhood adventures. May Royal Typewriters live on!”  Reader and Author Barbra Sonnen-Hernandez


“This wonderful story captured my attention and imagination throughout! It’s the riveting tale of a young girl who must simultaneously solve a mystery and also save her own and her mother’s life. Elizabeth Yale encounters the intriguing Whizbang machine and it soon takes her on an exciting journey with her grandfather Jack Yale. Reckless Jack takes Elizabeth down a treacherous path that can bring great harm but must be pursued in order to extinguish a dangerous curse. The Whizbang Machine is a well-written thriller with excellent description. It’s also one of those books where you’re educated as well as entertained. I enjoyed learning more about the Netherlands and the underground vault of a huge library. And the connection with previous generations of Elizabeth’s family really drew me in. Ms. Vann really knocked it out of the park! I definitely appreciate how she included bonus information about the conception and writing of Whizbang. I highly recommend this fun and exciting adventure!” Author Susan P. Clark

“Danielle Vann has crafted an exciting, fast-paced novel for young adults. She kept me enthralled as I read “The Whizbang Machine”. Combine a rascally grandfather, a very curious teenager with a strange typewriter and the possibilities are almost endless. Together they have some strange adventures that lead from the US to the Netherlands. The story is “electrifying”. You will not believe the ending.” Katherine Boyer, Retired Librarian and Book Reviewer