“This book will make you and your children laugh.
Buy it! You will be reading it over and over.”


glhpage5star-shiny-webReviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite Gracie Lou and The Bad Dream Eater, Five Stars

Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater by Danielle A. Vann is the delightful story of Gracie Lou who is scared of the Bad Dream Monster that comes to her bedroom every night when she goes to bed. And every night she manages to run out of her room to sleep in between her parents. Gracie Lou’s father becomes the Bad Dream Eater to scare away the monster in the room. The Bad Dream Monster comes to Gracie Lou’s bedroom that night with another friend, Pink, which – unlike the name – is scary with a long tongue and finger nails. Laney, Gracie Lou’s sister, comes up with a plan of having warning posters to keep the monsters out of the bedroom. Will they finally be able to chase away the two monsters from Gracie Lou’s room? Will Gracie Lou finally be able to sleep in her room?

Children will love the adventures of Gracie Lou and the two monsters. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life and movement into the plot and scenes; they also give all the characters a personality of their own. Grandparents and parents can use this as a bedtime story book and it also makes a good story for read aloud sessions in classrooms and libraries. The storyline is very cute, along with the character of Gracie Lou. The Pink Monster, Bad Dream Monster and Bad Dream Eater are very original and will excite kids. I enjoyed reading the book and I am sure all children will enjoy it too.”

My daughters will not allow us to put it on the bookshelf just yet. They keep it by their bedside. The youngest who is seven made a poster for her door just like the one Gracie Lou makes for the front door. 100% perfect!”  Barnes & Noble Book Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars! This book is adorable!

“This book is adorable! Perfect for the preschool age kids and a cute, sweet storyline. Hope to see future books continuing Gracie Lou’s adventures!” Diana Holloway

My daughter can’t get enough!” Bill Gibson, father


THUMBS UP FROM ANDERSON! We just finished it and Anderson LOVES it. He’s already said he wants to read the next one!”  Anderson Adams, Age 4, Yukon, Oklahoma

“My Firsties loved your book! Lots of laughter at the “hook-shoo’s” and the fact that the monster was PINK! We could hardly get through the book there were so many giggles! I’m definitely looking forward to many more of Gracie Lou’s adventures!”  Morgan Hardison, First Grade Teacher, Grand Prairie, Texas

“Sweetest children’s book EVER!…I know I will sleep better tonight!”  Lisa Blackburn, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Hayden loved her signed copy of Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater. Your children will love this fabulous story! Such gorgeous illustrations. Hurry for your own copy.” Barbara Sanders, on behalf of her grand-daughter, Hayden. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I got my Gracie Lou in the mail yesterday! I love it!”  Leigh Anne Frazier, Mansfield, Texas

“E knew who wrote this book as soon as she saw it. She said, “I like this book…a lot!”  Emma Gumm, Age 3, Katy, Texas

“Kids from pre-school to middle school are in LOVE with Miss Gracie Lou!”