“Owning a hammer and saw makes no man a carpenter. What Brandon possesses greater than his toolset is the mindset and skill set of a humble craftsman. His story of becoming a master of both his trade and character is an inspiration to readers who also seek to build from God’s plans for their life.” Jonathan Catherman, author of  International bestseller The MANUAL TO MANHOOD

“Brandon was more than a friend to me. He was my mentor, role model, and a real brother in Christ. Brandon found me in the gym one day and saw a young kid who knew absolutely nothing about lifting weights or living a clean lifestyle. As we started training together on a daily basis, I saw how Brandon treated his body as God’s Temple and what it meant to live a Christian lifestyle. Over the years that followed, our friendship matured into a brotherhood of Christ.”   Yaakov Baum, Police Officer for the City of Dunwoody, Georgia

“I’ve had the pleasure to witness and accompany Brandon through significant parts of his winding journey, and watched him accumulate his hearty collection of valuable “tools in his toolbox.” His unshakeable faith, incredible resiliency, and motivational inspiration are a true testimony to the power of God’s ability and love.”   Lauren Makk, Celebrity Designer, Television Host, Owner & Senior Designer of Lauren Makk Interiors

“Brandon has always been that guy that stands out in a positive light in everything he does. He is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to model themselves after a person who always takes the high road. Brandon has maintained integrity and faith throughout all his years of modeling. In our business, this is a rare and unique point of view.” Ed Locke, owner, Locke Models

If you ever need anything, I’m here for you.” One year later, on the verge of suicide, I faintly recalled this sincere offer. I called him up and was met with a grace that changed my life forever.   Parker Wade

“My first meeting with Brandon happened while working on Trading Spaces. I was impressed by his enthusiasm, work ethic, and his carpentry skills. As I worked with him, I realized he had a true Christian ethic. That ethic was evident in his willingness to elp people with their problems. This could have been involving home repair issues or “life issues.” Since then, and through many conversations, my opinion and respect for Brandon have just grown.” Frank Bielec, Children’s book Author and Celebrity Designer for the Television Series, Trading Spaces